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Update by user Jul 12, 2018

Spoke to a good customer relations person.

Original review posted by user Mar 08, 2018

Waste Pro in general are not very interested in picking up yard waste and have frequently left items tagged. The operative use very little common sense.

They want yard wasted tied, it the case of seed pods that weigh almost nothing this is totally ridicules. After Irma this company past on pick of yard waste for seven weeks. Eventually the community had to go to the expense of paying a contractor. When Lee county are receiving taxes, I find both Lee County and Waste Pro are in breach of contract.

There are numerous complaints against this company.

The customer service personnel email the complaints to supervisor who do not respond in a timely manner. I have yet to contact Lee County but believe they are apathetic to the taxpayer who in the end pay all of the salaries.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Pro Usa Waste Collection.

I liked: Answer phone quickly.

I didn't like: Missed pickups, Yard waste a low priority.

  • Garden Trash
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The tactic I used was to contact waste pro in writing to the corporate office plus use this site to highlight. We now have a good relationship with the local operatives. The pick ups have been perfect.


They resolve this by sending out a team to remove all the garden waste. In the end it was a good effort from Waste Pro

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